Freestyle Writing Challenge

On Friday, Victoria Grace Howell posted the Freestyle Writing Challenge, and although I wasn’t tagged in it (boo! Just kidding), it was too awesome to pass up. So I am taking the liberty of considering myself tagged by default, and sharing this wonderful challenge with you.

What happens is this: I will give you a prompt. The second you see the prompt, set a timer for five or ten minutes (whichever you prefer) and write without stopping or editing until the time runs out. Then, copy and paste your response into your own blog post — without editing —  and include your word count.

Your prompt is at the bottom of this post, but WAIT! Don’t go there yet! Let me show you mine first. (So you can see how it’s done, obviously.)

Victoria’s Prompt: Moonlight.

My response:

Moonlight. Shimmering on the surface of the ocean, breaking into pieces as the waves hit the shore. I stand on the stone wall, fifty feet above the sand, and look down. Crashing. Crashing. The moon drifts behind the clouds – or do the clouds drift in front? I don’t know. Does it matter? Crashing, crashing, crashing…

The light reflecting off the waves is white. Pure white, unlike the heavy foam clogged with sand and shells. It glares into my eyes, almost painful. Searing, but unlike the sun. Like a ghost charged with murder. Crashing, waving, shimmering, dancing, killing, slaughtering, shattering. I shiver in the breeze and inhale the salt air. The sand wavers beneath my feet, beneath the wall fifty feet high.

I look up. The stars are out, interspersed between the clouds, twinkling at me. There could be little moons up there. Perhaps every star is a moon, reflecting the light of each other. I shake my head. That’s idiotic. No amount of light could ever reach all the way to each star, then get all the way back to me. And even if it were, stars and moons aren’t like mirrors, playing tricks on the eyes like a stage show. A cloud drifts in front of the moon and the stars shine brighter. The wind bites my nose, freezing. The moonlight reflects off the ocean like ice.

What else do I do while I stand here, looking down, clutching my nightgown around me? The sand whispers along the shore. I whisper back. Far down, at the bottom of the wall, is a small gate to let in the waters at high tide. Now, the moon casts shadows and eliminates it.

281 words in 5 minutes.

There you go! Make sure you don’t go back to edit as you do this…as Victoria says, it’s “only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow.”

I tag…

  1. Grace @ Writerly
  2. Miranda @ Dreams and Dandelions
  3. Nate @ You Write Fiction
  4. Maggie @ Maggie’s Musings
  5. Hannah @ Hannah Heath

Ready? Here comes your prompt…get your timer ready…






(Psyched you there, didn’t I?)





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